Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where is the Tea Party Now? Watching RINOs!

From Bob Ellis at

The Politichicks met with Rev. C.L. Bryant of Runaway Slave to talk about the Tea Party. The Left told us back in 2009, when the Tea Party became too big for them to ignore, that it was a flash in the pan, and would be over after April 15, 2009.

It didn’t go away.

Where is the Tea Party now? It’s going on, mostly behind the scenes, with conservatives working hard to return our nation to our conservative roots in states and communities all across this land.  And as Rev. Bryant points out, the Tea Party is busy removing RINOs from the positions they once thought secure in our government. Getting government back in the hands of the people–and out of the hands of liberals with a “D” or an “R” after their name–won’t be accomplished fully overnight, but the Tea Party is in it for the long haul.

The Tea Party is right here in this video…and contrary to the blather of the liberals, I don’t see a white man in sight.