Saturday, June 16, 2012

Priorities – Conservative Cartoon

From hopenchangecartoons

You may have heard about Barack Obama's "millionaires only" fundraising party at Sarah Jessica Parker's home (did I say "millionaires only?" I should specify that the rabble bought lottery tickets from the president himself so one of them could sit with the royalty and bask in their liberal magnificence).

But odds are that you didn't hear who paid for Air Force One (at $181,000 an hour) and many of the other ancillary expenses for the event: you did.

And how did Obama pull off this neat little trick? By arranging an "official" trip which just happened to be near his fundraising event. In this case, visiting the construction site at Ground Zero and asking the workers "howz it going?" before signing an autograph or two and hurriedly getting back in his limousine to speed off to the celebrities, champagne, and campaign dollars.

That's right: Barack Hussein Obama whored out the site of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks as a dodge to jam Americans with the bills for his fundraising.

I'm beyond furious and disgusted. We all understand the little games presidential candidates (of both parties) use to get taxpayers to fund their campaigns. But Ground Zero is sacred.

Not, of course, to the president who chose his Ramadan dinner as the time and place to announce his support to an all-Islamic guest list for building a mosque atop the ruins. But to every real American, 9/11 should be treated with the utmost respect and humility...and not as a fundraising tchotchke like a t-shirt, mug, or bumpersticker.

(Long sigh).

When this story is boiled down to its essentials, you have a president who loves hobnobbing with celebrity millionaires (while claiming that the wealthy are to blame for his failures), a man who has NO respect for Ground Zero and the people who died there, and who is happy to screw America's (fewer and fewer) taxpayers with the bills for his campaign.

The man is an obscenity. A stain. A liar. And a thief.