Saturday, October 11, 2014

So Why Do Those "Socialist" Swedes Do So Well?

By John Sykes

Here's why those Nordic countries, while highly redistributive, actually do well. The answer will surprise our big government, statist, progressive, modern liberals!

From David Cay Johnston, Rightly, Argues For Smaller Government:
"And strangely, the argument that Johnston is putting forward, and which I fully support, is one that most American liberals should also support. For this is how those famed Nordic social democracies work. Yes, they have high redistribution but underneath that they are very much more classically liberal, more Smithian, more small government even, than the UK or US are at present. That’s actually one of the things that makes those places work: a more classically liberal economy humming away to produce the wealth that can be redistributed."  
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Exquisite Collectivist Horse Manure...

By John Sykes

From Hell-bent On Rewriting America's Past:

...In short, progressives want American history to be without borders, aboriginal, transnational, intellectualized, cosmopolitan, and written by Americanists. The focus: African immigration, peace, environmentalism, gender, inequality, pluralism, modernity, racial hierarchy, migration, slavery, community, colonialism, identity formation, and building a global commens.

Excuse me, but that is just exquisite collectivist crap. Goodbye Jefferson, hello “new knowledges.”
The rhetoric, euphemisms, and denial from ivory tower revisionists can no longer hide the truth. A Progressive movement to change American History and undermine the nation is self-evident.
Change does not come all at once; it is systemic, often passive and unassuming. We have gone from the vision at LaPietra to the actions of “rewriting standards” known as Common Core and APUSH. It is time to wake up and push back against a group ideology hell bent on rewriting our past, and with it, destroying our future.   Read it all here...

Monday, September 29, 2014

Think Things Are Grim? Breakout Your Light & Salt...

By John Sykes

From How We can Turn The Tide In Cultural Wars:
...But just as four decades of persistent activism, education, service, and prayer have brought us to a point where the tide is turning on abortion, a similar level of commitment can affect the cultural landscape as it pertains to marriage and family life. Just as progress is being made on crime and even divorce rates, we need to strive for a culture in which women and men see one another as complementary and needed by one another, made for one another and for the children whom they have participated in creating, who are completely and most naturally dependent on them.
We will need to recover a common language and moral grammar that reflects our shared tradition and experience of cherishing life, family, and community. Our responses must take into account the realities, wounds, and lessons from the cultural havoc of recent decades. Our efforts must be true to both nature and history and pursue persuasion and coalition building. We must tell the stories of what works, pointing to the people and groups who are restoring a culture of life, marriage, and religious liberty.
Democracy needs a flourishing civil society, the backbone of which is people of conscience who look out for their neighbors, who raise and support families, who take matters of human dignity either as Gospel truth or as a moral imperative to protect and uplift. The cultural indicators that follow help us to take stock of our efforts in this regard—and a number of them do not give us a good report. But the indicators are grim only if we resign ourselves from our responsibilities to one another.
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Friday, September 26, 2014

ACCEPT IT! We Are All Equal, Not Identical

By John Sykes

From American Thinker:

Milton Friedman once observed that those societies that emphasis liberty will produce a somewhat higher rate of equality, while those societies that emphasize equality will produce tyranny, since only a tyranny can enforce absolute equality.  If we replace the world equality with identicality, the real problem becomes even more evident.
What is now being mandated in the West is not equality, which all sides concede, but indenticality.  If it is expressed that way, the lunacy becomes evident.  Everyone is equal, but no one is identical.
No one is suggesting that this or that ethnic group, or gender, be denied a vote, but we should not be legislating an artificial indenticality that nature itself does not demonstrate.  It is sufficient to legislate and require an equal fair chance to any individual irrespective of background, but after that, we should allow Thomas Jefferson's natural aristocracy of talent to prevail.
Let us accept that all are equal, but not all are identical.  Then we can change our social policies to reflect reality, without sacrificing civil rights.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Only after it's statist adherents have decimated our middle class workers and savers...!

By John Sykes

It's very, very important to your economic well being that you understand this and the article that it is linked to! Keynesian economics are once again failing but only after it's statist adherents have decimated our middle class workers and savers! 
"...the supply side is back in charge after a 30 year spree of one-time debt and leverage expansion. Consumer spending now depends on income—which means production, investment and enterprise are once again the source of growth, jobs and true national wealth.
This means, of course, that our monetary politburo is out of business; that “monetary accommodation” is nothing more than a one time parlor trick of central bankers. Unfortunately, like the real politburo in the Kremlin, the incumbents in the Eccles Building will not desist until they are finally chased from office by a massive uprising of the people—–that is, the savers, workers and entrepreneurs of America who have been shafted by the bubble finance policies of our monetary central planners"
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Progressivism = Liberal Fascism

By John Sykes

Liberal Fascism: 
A term, that contrary to popular belief did not originate from Jonah Goldberg, but from author H.G. Wells. In a speech to the Young Liberals at Oxford in July 1932, Wells called for progressives to become 'Liberal Fascists' or 'Enlightened Nazis.' Wells though that a new world order was the solution, a liberal boils down to: the state is the solution.
Jonah Goldberg Quotes:
“If there is ever a fascist takeover in America, it will come not in the form of storm troopers kicking down doors but with lawyers and social workers saying "I'm from the government and I'm here to help.” 
“The government cannot love you, and any politics that works on a different assumption is destined for no good.” 
“America's political system used to be about the pursuit of happiness. Now More and more of us want to stop chasing it and have it delivered.” 
“If you think shrinking government and getting it less involved in your life is a hallmark of tyranny it is only because you are either grotesquely ignorant or because you subscribe to a statist ideology that believes the expansion of the state is the expansion of liberty.”