Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cartoons: “No Comment”, “WikiLeaks”, and “Volt to Serfdom”

from hopenchangecartoons:
  An earlier draft of the cartoon above contained images which were much more graphic and disturbing...and we decided that it wasn't fair to subject readers to such sights without warning.
But the men, women, and children in the World Trade Center on September 11th weren't given any warning before their lives ended in smoke, fire, indescribable pain, and desperation...caused by a terrorist attack from Islamic radicals.
  And now, an Islamic mosque is to be built at the site of Ground Zero. A mosque which is intended to either heal the wounds between Islam and the West...or to celebrate radical Islam's greatest contemporary victory over the heretics and infidels. A mosque which will cost $100 million...with an unclear funding source.
  Our Constitution ensures religious freedom for all religions, including Islam. And that's an argument in favor of building the mosque. And yet, many people feel that the Ground Zero mosque is an insult, a provocation, and a desecration of sacred ground. And their feelings deserve to be considered too.
  But although passions run high on both sides, there is one man in America who has no opinion whatsoever: Barack Hussein Obama.
  Through his official Whitehouse spokesperson, the president has said that he feels the question of the Ground Zero mosque is entirely "a local matter," and so he has nothing to say.
Barack Obama has seen the pictures above, and other pictures that are even worse. He knows America's pain and loss. Barack Hussein Obama also has deep ties to the Muslim world, and has often referred to Islam as being one of the great influences on American culture, and the Muslim "call to prayer" as one of the "prettiest sounds on Earth."
  All of these factors being the case, we can assume that the president must actually have an opinion about whether a mosque should be erected at Ground Zero.
  We can also assume that he is not sharing his opinion because it would not be popular with those people who look at the images above as an occasion of tragedy...not triumph.
Obama had the tremendous gall to vote "present" for most most of his Senatorial career, rather than taking an actual stand on any issues. In a recent interview, when asked to grade his presidency, he claimed "incomplete." But for the president to consider the carnage and tragedy of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil and claim he has "no opinion" is completely unacceptable.
  There are three possibilities: he is lying, he is a coward, or he is a traitor.
  And sadly, in the absence of his voiced opinion, the likelihood is that all three are true.

from Chip Bok: This story in the Daily Telegraph says some informants may be identified, and at risk, in the Wikileaks dump of 90,000 documents.

from Chip Bok: Fredrich Hayek’s 1944 classic Road to Serfdom has become a best seller again. He said that governments tend to plan production for political, rather than market, purposes.  Government owned GM’s new Volt costs $41,000, runs on a battery, and gets 40 miles per charge.