Saturday, August 29, 2009

They're running scared! Our 28th in-a-row Weekly Fort Lauderdale Tea Party Report #iamthemob

Our 28th in-a-row Weekly Fort Lauderdale Tea Party, was held at the corner of Oakland/Federal Sats. from 1-3 PM, the only weekly in the USA.

Today we had a total of 34 patriots show up, signs and flags waving, thumbs up, voices roaring. The honking and cheering was the loudest and most frequent that it has ever been. You can feel the heart of this movement growing and pumping. At times today, spirits really soared. Most of all, you can see the parasitic lib/progs getting increasingly frustrated and scared. Their F-words and single digits as they go by seem to be the best they can muster. Our derisive laughter and failure to stoop to their levels enrages them. It's heart warming, inspiriting and more! Come and join us any Saturday!

We are patriots who want to protect the freedoms we have. We discourage party politics. Nobody organized us, gives us a dime, or urged us to get out there. We are the mob, the un-Americans, the deathers and the birthers, the demagogues, the astro-turfers, and all the rest of the names that our politicians are promoting for those who believe in the very American right to dissent.