Saturday, May 5, 2012

Conservative on Target! – 5/4/12

   Ten Reasons That America Needs Partisan Politics is absolutely correct in saying “I’ll argue that partisan politics is forever with us and a good thing…”.
   But there is one big problem, we don’t have partisans anymore, just an elite political class sharing power while conning us with the appearance of two opposing parties.

     The Permit Plague says “Government is an institution of force.  When acting as an agent of freedom, its laws and police power protect an individual's right to life and property -- and it wields its coercive forces only in retaliation.  A "'right' pertains only to action -- specifically, to freedom of action.  It means freedom from physical compulsion, coercion or interference by other men"[i].  A right is the antithesis of a permission. However, when the state compels us to secure permission before we act, we are no longer free individuals.  We are slaves.”
From Obama Re-Election Team: Shock and Awe Attack on Tea Party:
   “The scheme of Obama's re-election team is quite simple: use misdirection to create angry voters who are focused on hate, racial loyalty, and white guilt rather than Obama's horrific record.  Speaking of exploiting racial loyalty, Obama has launched, as part of his re-election campaign, without rebuke from the media or anyone, "African-Americans for Obama."  Should the Republicans launch "Caucasians for Romney"?
   Apparently, Obama's re-election team, which includes the mainstream media, has taken a cue from Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's minister of propaganda, who said, "If you tell a big lie long enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."  This is their strategy to dilute the effectiveness of the Tea Party -- just keep repeating the big unsubstantiated lie that the movement is racist.”
In Obama Meets His Nemesis, J.R. Dunn writes:
   “As the Greeks saw it, "nemesis" was an abstract force (personified by the goddess of divine justice of the same name) aimed directly at the destruction of a single individual.  It is nemesis that brings down the heroes of the tragedies.  A force that builds up over years, inescapable, inevitable, and in large part created by the hero's own actions.  Nemesis is very much the Western equivalent of karma.  It is a form of divine payback, which, we are told, is a bitch.
   Nemesis is what is taking down Barack Obama.  Not politics as such, not the actions of his opponents -- at least not yet -- not any disaster or setback in the world as a whole.  Obama is in the process of being ablated as the result of his own actions, born from his own personal flaws.  There's a certain type of personality that constructs a life out of the nurturing and protecting its own failings rather than attempting to resolve or overcome them.  This is the only formula that is required to understand Barack Obama.”
   The above came through just after I wrote What will our Demagoguer-In-Chief do when he runs out of scapegoats? earlier today. Scapegoats are just a tool for Der Leader to “protect his own failings”.
From Macroeconomists Trade Punches: “There is no historical precedent for a government spending its economy into prosperity. The ultimate result is inflation and fundamental dislocation of the sectors of its economy. It was tried, in a major way, in the 1960s and early 70s. We got stagflation: soaring unemployment and the highest rate of inflation in peacetime history. Franklin Roosevelt tried it in the 1930s. After twelve years of the Great Depression, unemployment was still at 17% in 1940.”