Friday, May 4, 2012

What will our Demagoguer-In-Chief do when he runs out of scapegoats?

By John Sykes

Given the current run of idiotic mistakes his policies and tactics are causing, President Obama must thank his useful administration sheep daily. Trouble is he can’t continue much longer without running out of scapegoats to throw under his statist bus.

In her piece "The “Crucify Them” Presidency”, Kimberly Strassel points out that “Al Armendariz, the EPA official who resigned in disgrace this week, was no outlier among the Obama administration's regulators.” Why?

This is the "Crucify Them" presidency. Mr. Obama couldn't get a card check law passed, so his National Labor Relations Board's union lawyers sue Boeing for locating in a right-to-work state. He couldn't outlaw offshore drilling, so Interior activists continue a permitorium in the Gulf. He can't make ObamaCare work, so Health Department officials threaten to exclude insurers from exchanges if they raise premiums. He couldn't outright kill nuclear energy, so his top nuclear regulator has shut down the Yucca Mountain waste repository to strangle industry growth.

Regulatory mishaps are only a small part of the mistakes in foreign policy, national defense, and his divisive campaign that will require scapegoats. I just wish I could feel sorry for the statist sheep he will be throwing under the bus to assuage the increasingly loud plaints and anger of We The People.