Friday, May 4, 2012

The History of America is the History of Mixing Religion and Politics > Without Religion The State Would Be God!


A letter writer to USA TODAY takes exception to the use of religion in evaluating politicians. He argued that our founders got it right by “separating church and state.” Anyone familiar with our nation’s founding and its documents would know that “separating church and state” was not an issue. Church and state were separate, and there isn’t a Christian today who would want it any other way. The Bible itself separates church and state.[1]

A quick reading of the First Amendment will show that the states did not want the Federal Government interfering with their right to deal with religious issues. That’s why the First Amendment begins with “Congress shall make no law. . .” and not “church and state should be separate.”

The same letter writer argues that if religion was part of the political mix “the faithful would constantly be fighting over the ‘proper’ interpretation of the Bible, and using those arguments in political discourse.” This is true of every worldview. In fact, it’s true of the Constitution itself. The Obama Administration says the commerce clause supports an individual health mandate and the majority of Republicans say it does not. Pick any subject and you’ll find people taking sides based on what each side says is “the ‘proper’ interpretation.”   

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