Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Get Off Your Duff...!

By John Sykes 

Some guys just say it better, simpler and quicker ...

From I Don’t Want to Do It Either:
It’s a lousy way to start the new year by writing about the fact that there is no other way. If you think our elected Republicans will get the job done without being forced to — you’re crazy. If you think the k-college schools will reform itself — you’re nuts. If you think the dominant media will stop advancing a left-wing agenda — you’re off your rocker. If you think Hollywood will start trumpeting the merits of limited government, free market capitalism and traditional values — well, you’ve lost your marbles.
All that’s left is We the People. We — includes you. And, unfortunately, me too. Hate it and complain about it all you want (as I do) — but then do it anyway.
How many of our co-workers, friends, neighbors, and family members truly understand how we got into this mess and what is the best way out of it? The abundance of “low information voters” is the problem that needs to be solved. We can’t solve that problem until we solve the problem of “low energy conservatives.” They sit on their backsides and watch the right cable news channel, listen to the right radio talk shows, and visit the right websites. While Rome burns.
It’s time to get off your duff. Find or invent a way to plug in politically. Do it even if, like me, you hate the very thought of it.
So listen to him before it's to late, before the Overton Window slams shut so far to the left we're left gagging!

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