Sunday, June 17, 2012

17 Million Evangelical Votes Can Lead to Obama's Defeat

From Patrick Hobin at

Some 17 million Evangelicals failed to vote in 2008 when Democrat Barack Obama beat the GOP's John McCain — and now the fight is on to get them there this November, Faith and Freedom Coalition founder Ralph Reed says…

Conservative Christians and Evangelical conservatives will play a big role in the upcoming election, Reed said, and they support Romney by about 60 percent, compared to previous support for John McCain (73 percent) and George W. Bush (78 percent).
Reed said Romney needs to get into the 70 percent range. “We’re not really telling Evangelicals how to vote. We’re leaving that to the campaigns to do. But what we are doing is making sure they’re educated on all these issues we’re talking about so that they know where Obama stands and where Romney stands so they can make an educated and informed decision.

"The other thing we’re going to do is we’re going to work double overtime to make sure that the Evangelical vote, which has historically been between 20 and 23 percent of the electorate, turns out in the largest numbers ever seen in a presidential election.”

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