Sunday, June 17, 2012

Conservative on Target! 6/17/12


By Decree of His Majesty Barack
Now O has shown us all the course:
To govern means to not enforce.
November 6th, with his concession,
We'll show him how we'll use discretion.


Race Card_02If You Disagree with President Obama You Must be a Racist:  As usual, the Left is blaming all criticism of President Obama on racism. It’s not his policies that anger conservatives, it’s his race. There are too many examples to cite. Here a a few of the most recent ones…
   Liberals can hide behind the charges of racism, sexism, and “homophobia” and not have to deal with policies as policies. Those who honestly oppose a policy on its merits or the lack thereof find themselves on the defensive having to argue that they are not racists. The policy gets lost in the name calling. And that’s the reason for the relentless ad hominem attacks. Keep your opponent off balance so the public never gets to hear how ridiculous leftism really is. Appeal to people’s emotions and stereotypes. That’s how liberals win elections, that and buying votes with our money and the money of future generations.
Political Prop [Christian?] Frank Schaeffer is a Sell-Out Who Has Lost His Mind: Any time liberals want to take a slam at conservative Christians they call on Frank Schaeffer, the son of Francis A. Schaeffer, the Christian apologist who brought Evangelicals out of the pietistic closet and have become a living nightmare for liberals… Frank is doing what he criticized liberals of doing in his saner days — not telling the truth.
   True Democracy: Principles over Process: Many around the world have been quick to tout the Arab Spring, with its deposition of tyrants and the occurrence of elections, as democracy in action for parts of the Middle East.
   But in places like Egypt, civilian rule and fair elections appear more and more likely not to happen any time soon.
   In order for true democracy to flourish, the people and prospective leaders must be committed to the principles of a democratic society, such as political and economic freedoms, rather than simply embracing the process.