Saturday, June 23, 2012

Great, Great Post! If You Were A Socialist and Wanted to Overthrow the United States Government…

From John Sykes

This is one of the most brilliant posts to make a strong point I’ve ever seen. The author has made 38 strong, cogent points and backed them up with 100s of links to well chosen articles. Don’t miss it!

By Kyle Becker at

If you were a socialist or even a communist looking to overthrow the United States government, what would you do?

You might:

1. Run a candidate for president with an obscure background ……..(see here, here, and here)

2. Select a candidate whose race deflects criticism from his socialist positions
……..(see here, here, here, here and the follow-up here; relatedly, here; especially here and here, and less seriously, here)

3. Make sure that the candidate is eloquent and articulate, but unable to think or speak “off-teleprompter” ……..(see here, here, here, and most recently here)

4. The candidate should be cool and confident; ……..(here, here, here and especially here) but he should have malignant narcissistic personality should the public turn on him ……..(see here, here, and especially here)

5. Obtain the support of communist and socialist organizations ……..(see here, here, here, here, and additionally here)

6. Decry any labels of socialist, communist, and Marxist as “unfair” ……..(see here, here; here?; and especially see here)

7. Demonize and attack anyone who exposes your candidate as a socialist ……..(see here, here, here, and here)

8. Use labor unions and community activists to engage in voter fraud if necessary to secure election victory ……..(see here, here, and especially here)

9. Use the media to herald your “post-racial” and “post-political” candidate as a “savior” ……..(see here, here, here, poll here, books here, and here)

10. Have the media hide a radical voting record; ……(also here, here; and amazingly, here) history of attendance in a black radical church; ……. (also here, and here) and describe him as a moderate (also here, here, here, and laughably here)

Be sure to read 28 more of these points here …