Saturday, June 23, 2012

Respect -Enough said -Semper Fidelis


At the Golden Triangle Veterans Memorial park on Hwy 87 in Port Arthur , Texas on Monday May 28th (Memorial Day) 2012. My wife and I arrived at 2pm as the band began to play and the service started at 2:30pm. When we got there the pavilion was full but we were able to squeeze into the back left hand corner under the roof in the shade. While the program was going on I was listening to a friend of mine, retired Colonel Chris Lamson, with 25 years active duty in the Marines and I looked over my right shoulder and noticed the old veteran setting on the wall. His wife had been holding the umbrella over his head and laid it down to stand up where she could see the speaker and hear what was being said. When I turned to look the second time I noticed the Marine had stepped forward, picked up the umbrella and was holding it over the older gentleman. You can tell by the shadow that only the left shoulder and arm of the Marine was in the shade. Notice his right hand behind his back standing at parade rest in full dress blues. Not once did he flinch. The temperature forecast that day was predicted to be 90 degrees or more in the shade. In Southeast Texas the humidity can also match the temperature. If you have ever worn a set of dress blues you would understand how hot they are. He stood there until the service was over. When it was over I walked up to him and said " Thank you for such a kind act for the old veteran" He just looked at me and nodded as if to say, "it was my duty". As I walked away with a tear in my eye and my heart swelling it made me proud to know that the old traditions are still carried on. It was 57 years ago this summer that I joined the Marines.
Cpl. Bill Feidler
Port Arthur, TX