Saturday, June 23, 2012

Conservative on Target – 6/23/2012

   Progressive Privilege: Why Was Egyptian Terrorist Issued a Visa? The State Department said Friday it is looking into how a [Hani Nour Eldin] self-professed member of a banned Egyptian terrorist organization was issued a U.S. visa and traveled to Washington this week for meetings with senior Obama administration officials.
   Eldin, a recently elected member of Egypt's parliament, was one of six Egyptian legislators invited to visit Washington by the Woodrow Wilson Center think tank for discussions about the current political situation in Egypt. However, Eldin has also identified himself as a member of Gamaa Islamiya, or the Egyptian Islamic Group, which the State Department has designated a "foreign terrorist organization. [When did Obamian progressives ever obey pesky little things like laws or regulations if it served their purpose to not do so? – JS]

   Signs of trouble for free speech at Sinclair CC: On June 8, more than 160 “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” rallies were held nationwide to protest recent mandates regarding contraceptive and abortion-related healthcare coverage from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. One of the rallies was held at Sinclair Community College (SCC) in Dayton, Ohio, hosted by SCC’s Traditional Values Club. You’d have been forgiven, however, if you had walked past the rally and had difficulty figuring out what everyone was talking about. Why? Because SCC’s police department ordered everyone to put every single sign down on the ground.
By SCC’s logic, just as the attendees of the Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally were prevented from holding their signs in support, students on campus will be prohibited from proudly wielding campaign signs supporting (or opposing) Barack Obama or Mitt Romney in the upcoming presidential election. The preposterousness of such a position should be readily apparent to SCC. That a public college hasn’t figured this out is cause for grave concern.