Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quick Quips – 6/15/10

Barack Obama Embraces His Inner Jimmy Carter - Overwhelmed, clueless, and adrift!
  “Barack Obama, like Jimmy Carter before him, has proven himself overwhelmed by the job, not up to the task, and looking for answers in all the wrong places. Let’s hope the nation can survive him.
  He could have:

  • Announced he was suspending the Jones Act, which prevents foreign vessels from assisting in these types of situations. Right now, foreign vessels must unload their cargo onto American flagged ships, thus causing delays.
  • Announced he was going to send in more skimmer ships. The Coast Guard has refused to order an additional quantity and regulations the President has refused to waive require a certain number be kept with the Navy, which is not using them to help.
  • Announced he was suspending FEMA competitive bidding contracts, which is just delaying contractors from engaging in the cleanup efforts.

  Each of these things, and more, should have been done a long time ago. But better late than never. Sadly, Barack Obama is too busy finding scapegoats to actually, you know, lead. Read the whole post…

I admit it: I was wrong to have supported Barack Obama – A Brit MEP Speaks Up! - No one denies that Obama was dealt a rotten economic hand; but he has played it ineptly. His policies are serving to make his country poorer, less free and less respected. And that is a problem for all of us . Read more…

Bailing Out Politicians Now? Obama is proposing a $50 billion payoff for his own voters. Obama is calling for a taxpayer rescue of the political class to which he belongs, to spare it the painful duty tens of thousands of business executives have had to perform. Private employees -- 25 million of whom are out of work, underemployed or have given up looking for jobs—may be expendable, but government workers are not. Read the whole pitiful story here!

SCARY! Obama's Assaults on Liberty Proceed Unabated - and under the radar!
I cannot be the only one who feels as if every new day brings a new assault on this nation and its people by this administration. Indeed, many people I know say they can't even watch the news anymore because it's so depressing. And it is.
  Some of these assaults occur under the radar, and others are right out in the open. As an example of the former, last week, President Obama issued an executive order "Establishing the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council," which will focus on "lifestyle behavior modification (including smoking cessation, proper nutrition, appropriate exercise, mental health, behavioral health, substance-use disorder, and domestic violence screenings)." It will even recommend changes in federal policy to reduce "sedentary behavior."…
  You must read the executive order: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/executive-order-establishing-national-prevention-health-promotion-and-public-health. Then you'll understand that the council and "Advisory Group" it establishes will not be merely advisory. The provisions of this "order" underscore the disturbing extent to which Obama and his band of authoritarians intend to control our lives. [ For some time I have been trying to point out that, by executive order, BHO is trying to and may be burying us without ever needing Congress! – JS ] Read the whole post here…