Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cartoon Corner – 6/15/10

image from hopenchangecartoons
  Barack Obama has told the people of Louisiana that he can't just "swim down there and plug that hole" (sorry, Malia!) nor can he "just suck it up with a straw."
  Which is somewhat surprising, considering how much the president's clean-up plan does suck.
  Because other countries, with some of the most advanced technology in the world, have offered to assist with the clean-up...but the president has turned them all down, so that all the clean-up can be done by American union members who don't want foreigners cutting into their personal paychecks.
  Granted, this means that the oil will spread much farther, contaminate more beaches and wetlands, kill more wildlife, and cause more economic damage.
  But at least the president will be able to save that which is most precious: his cozy relationship with the unions.
  No matter how much it sucks for the rest of us.

from The Week [ Remember! Watch what he does, not what he says! – JS ]

from townhall.com [ Do you really expect that anything will come of this assault by a Congressman? – JS ]