Thursday, October 9, 2014

Exquisite Collectivist Horse Manure...

By John Sykes

From Hell-bent On Rewriting America's Past:

...In short, progressives want American history to be without borders, aboriginal, transnational, intellectualized, cosmopolitan, and written by Americanists. The focus: African immigration, peace, environmentalism, gender, inequality, pluralism, modernity, racial hierarchy, migration, slavery, community, colonialism, identity formation, and building a global commens.

Excuse me, but that is just exquisite collectivist crap. Goodbye Jefferson, hello “new knowledges.”
The rhetoric, euphemisms, and denial from ivory tower revisionists can no longer hide the truth. A Progressive movement to change American History and undermine the nation is self-evident.
Change does not come all at once; it is systemic, often passive and unassuming. We have gone from the vision at LaPietra to the actions of “rewriting standards” known as Common Core and APUSH. It is time to wake up and push back against a group ideology hell bent on rewriting our past, and with it, destroying our future.   Read it all here...