Saturday, October 11, 2014

So Why Do Those "Socialist" Swedes Do So Well?

By John Sykes

Here's why those Nordic countries, while highly redistributive, actually do well. The answer will surprise our big government, statist, progressive, modern liberals!

From David Cay Johnston, Rightly, Argues For Smaller Government:
"And strangely, the argument that Johnston is putting forward, and which I fully support, is one that most American liberals should also support. For this is how those famed Nordic social democracies work. Yes, they have high redistribution but underneath that they are very much more classically liberal, more Smithian, more small government even, than the UK or US are at present. That’s actually one of the things that makes those places work: a more classically liberal economy humming away to produce the wealth that can be redistributed."  
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