Wednesday, April 30, 2014

GDP, Alinskyed, The Constitution, Rule of Law & More...

By John Sykes

FREE FALL: GDP Plummets to 0.1 % > High taxes, Obamacare, economic uncertainty coming home to roost! In the face of repeated bad news like this, the stock market is not going down. It seems pretty clear we're in a amazing bubble feuled by the Fed's desire to keep the Ruling Class happy with their QE feuled grants to Big Banks! There's more on this in Dreams of A Central PlannerThis will not end well! 

You’re Missing the Point About Donald Sterling > He's been Alinskyed! The Truth Doesn't Matter! and/or

It’s Only Racism When They Want Your Stuff > Hypocrisy in the liberal war on private property! and/or

Of Donald Sterling's Racism and the Rise of Thoughtcrime
  This is the thought police at work. Feelings matter more than action. Words matter more than harming others. That sets a radically dangerous precedent for freedom of thought and speech, particularly for those whose thought and speech we hate. Freedom of speech and thought matters especially when it is speech and thought with which we disagree. The moment the majority decides to destroy people for engaging in thought it dislikes, thoughtcrime becomes a reality.
   Sterling's career should have been ended by public outrage based on his established patterns of discrimination years ago. To end it based not on such disreputable action but on private musings caught on tape demonstrates America's newfound disregard for the rights of those whose thought we find despicable.


It amazes me that we even have to ask this question!: From Walter Williams: Should we be ruled by what are seen as good ideas or by what's permissible by the U.S. Constitution?

"A Case Study of Why Growth Trumps Inequality" should be force-fed to all Governmentalists! Daniel Mitchell's article and it's links should be read by all of us who know that a job beats a handout, that free markets are to be demanded - and should be forced down progressive /statist throats! The following graphic is a classic:


   The foundation of our Republic is the rule of law. If the Constitution and the process it prescribes for adopting and enforcing statutes is supplanted by another, arbitrary and unaccountable arrangement, America will be fundamentally transformed.
   Of course, the country’s fundamental transformation is what Barack Obama promised in 2008. Now, instead of the rule of law, our governing arrangement is one in which he decides the rules. 
   So, as former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy points out, we have the spectacle of the nation’s laws governing immigration, drugs, marriage, health care, free speech and religious liberties – among others – being mutated willfully and repeatedly by Barack Obama.
   In a forthcoming book entitled Faithless Execution, McCarthy argues that such examples of the President’s breach of his oath of office justify impeachment. Indeed they do.

#BenghaziDeniers: Obama's holding a broken trophy & all your spittle-flecked denial & deflection won’t fix it!

WAY TO GO, BO! Health care spending spikes at fastest rate since 1980 in first quarter of #Obamacare


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