Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Jackboots, Nanny Police, Collectivism & More...

By John Sykes

Beware the Moral JACKBOOTS and Their Setups! What Have You Said in Private For Which You will Be Alinskyed! ? Sterling has been suspended for life & fined $2.5 Million! Even if he signed some sort of agrement, what have they done with his 1st and 4th Amendment rights? Examine yourself before you jump aboard this flailing!

"The hell you say The Washington Post is saying this! You and I have been on this tear for months, bordering on years now.  It's only common sense why the Democrats want amnesty.  They need a permanent underclass.  They need to register new voters.  They've got all the evidence that arriving immigrants are people that believe in Big Government and are more inclined to vote Democrat than Republican.  We've known this.  This is statistically shown.  There's been no question about it."  - Rush Limbaugh

JACKBOOT @GOP Watch! #TeaParty challenger fired from teaching job after releasing anti-Boehner ad!

AWFUL! Nanny Food Police Go National > Obama's got control of our wealth, our health, & now our food!

 FASCINATING! The Deep State, The Oligarchy, The Nomenklatura And The Rest: America’s Nine Classes

Last Week In Regulation: According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, last week 60 new regulations were added to the Federal Register which places the current page count at 23,229. So far this year, 203 new rules will affect small businesses. “The total estimated compliance costs of 2014’s economically significant regulations currently ranges from $1.64 billion to $2.01 billion. They also affect several billion dollars of government spending.”

Collectivism, Statism, Progressivism, Socialism, Utopianism by any other names...:

Obama, what has thou wrought...?