Thursday, May 30, 2013

Winning the Long War - Enslavement by Education

By John Sykes

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. ~ Vladimir Lenin

 From Peter Wilson in Winning the Long War:
The first step to mounting an effective defense is to understand how progressivism has won so much territory, geographical and spiritual, over this multi-generational war. I mean, specifically, how they have done it in practice, for concrete results derive from concrete actions. The nations of the semi-free world have, over the course of generations, voted themselves into servitude, voted away their property rights, acquiesced in the breakdown of the family, and willingly given over their souls en masse to the rule of all the wanton and stupid desires and fears that men for millennia knew they had to control in order to remain men; they have forsaken the human heritage for the false promises of tyrants. Why? How did the pied pipers lead civilization astray? And why does this process always tend in one direction, such that intermittent stasis has become our only relief from freefall?
The answer has been staring us in the face all along. For "civilization" -- literally "the process of civilizing men," or the society resulting from this process -- is, as Allan Bloom observed a generation ago, just another word for education. Thus the reversal of true education is the undoing of any social arrangement consistent with human nature. The progressives' deranged hope has been to prime mankind so thoroughly for surrender that when the time comes for each new stage of enslavement, they may simply swing open the next gate in their clever labyrinth of pens within pens, and men will walk into the new, smaller enclosure of their own accord. And they have every reason for faith in their scheme, as they have been successfully training generations of men for such gradual submission for more than a century, at public expense no less.
In brief, as long as authoritarians have your children in their schools, they own your future. True, you may win an election here and there, or stop a particular piece of progressive legislation once in a while; but even those little victories will be won on compromising terms, and the turf gained in one battle will never be used as the staging ground for a broader assault.
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