Friday, May 31, 2013

A Golden Opportunity - Handcuff the IRS! NOW!

From Larry Miller

Amid all the scandals showing the corruption and incompetence of the Obama regime, we have before us an opportunity to actually do something many of us have been wanting for years. In particular, the illegal harassment of conservatives by the Internal Revenue Service has opened the door and given credibility to those looking for a major overhaul of our impenetrable tax code.

It’s not just that these individuals and groups have been inconvenienced, but that they were effectively prevented from organizing and spreading the truth about Obama’s destructive impact on our country. Democrats, after seeing their losses in the 2010 election, appear to let their fear prompt them to do just about anything to keep their president from the same fate.

Lois Lerner of the IRS even admitted that they took a closer look at people regarded as Barack Obama’s enemies. Her boss added that, while it may not have been a good idea, it certainly was nothing illegal. Perhaps he thinks, as some have in the past, that if the government does something, it’s not illegal.

This kind of thinking, combined with power the agency has to harm the American people, is a recipe for disaster and tyranny. It represents a complete shift from our government being a servant of the people to a role as a severe master. Law suits may help, these people need to be reined in, and occupy some public housing behind bars, high walls and razor wire.

For years, proponents of the flat tax and fair tax have touted one of the major advantages of their plans is the reduction of the IRS influence on American life. Either plan would replace the 65,000 plus pages of tax legislation and regulation with something that the people could actually understand. This malpractice by the tax collection agency has opened the door for even unbelievers to see the danger they represent to our republic...

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