Friday, May 3, 2013

Radicalizing The Military - Our enemies are watching us, and they like what they see!

By Jeffrey T. Brown at

... Now, the left has targeted religious belief for special attention and examples of overt bigotry within the military have recently come to light. A recent briefing to an Army Reserve unit in Pennsylvania equated Christianity, including Evangelists and Catholics, with terrorist organizations such as Hamas and al Qaeda. The president has also stated that a conscience protection for military chaplains against ceremonies that violate their beliefs is "unnecessary and ill-advised". All must bow to the agenda, you see. It is their god.

This country was founded in large part by Christian men and women. Because the left's reign is the antithesis of Christian values, those who still espouse them are a threat to those in power. Branding entirely nonviolent groups as "extremists" achieves the same goal as labeling one's opponent a racist. Christians who do no objective harm must be defamed as zealously as any other political enemy. Those who kill eagerly to honor their faith, however, embody "peace" and should be rewarded with unilateral control over what can be said about them. That our troops are being thus radicalized should alarm every American.

Will some leave the military as it becomes hostile to basic religious beliefs? Of course. Will some rethink their desire to enlist in the first place in an organization that is inhospitable to their own faith, or the country's founding principles? No doubt. That's the point. Just as we will see the ranks of doctors shrink under ObamaCare, we will see our military diminish as fewer stay or join. When the military ceases being about service to our nation and becomes a liberal petri dish for every social experiment the left can concoct, we will finally be the neutered former superpower the left has longed for.

We are witnessing the purposeful destabilization and poisoning of our military from within. The left has long despised our military as the face of America's imagined oppression and imperialism. Just ask John Kerry. As the military goes, so goes the country. Our enemies are watching us, and they like what they see.

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