Friday, May 3, 2013

Bastards, Rebellion, Sheeple & More Conservative Commentary

Census Report Shocker:

   The nation's founding fathers first instituted a national census so that the nation could "mark the progress of society."  They would roll over in their graves to see that the nation they founded with great hope and based on principles of personal and civic responsibility, instead of progressing, has instead become mired in reckless self-indulgence and thus regressed in terms of people's well being.  We have spent hundreds of billions of dollars over the past four decades trying to alleviate the consequences of poor and irresponsible choices only to reap a harvest of greater dependency than ever before and several generations of children at risk for all the negative outcomes that parents hope to avoid (truancy, delinquency, substance abuse, etc). It is not merely the demographics of non-marital child bearing that need to be publicized but an honest, extensive reporting of the damages as well.
   When the sum total of our morality, both personal and public, consists of not being judgmental, we should not be surprised to find that there is little will to be concerned with more than the pursuit of whatever brings a moment of pleasure today with no regard for the effects this will have for anyone's well-being tomorrow.

"Our federal tax system is, in short, utterly impossible, utterly unjust and completely counterproductive,  [it] reeks with injustice and is fundamentally un-American...  it has earned a rebellion and it's time we rebelled." -- Ronald Reagan

   One punk, or even ten punks, cannot lock down the more heavily armed parts of our country.  This does not mean that citizens strap on their hog legs, form a posse, and try to bring him (or them) in by themselves.  Problems with amateur law enforcement include the chance of shooting the wrong person by mistake, along with the fact that a street is not a firing range with a backstop behind the intended target.
   What this does mean, however, is that rational and prudent citizens might carry weapons while performing daily chores, or while driving to and from places of business.  They don't look for the punk(s), because that is a job for law enforcement professionals who know what they are doing.  The punk(s), on the other hand, had better not come looking for them.  The punk does not hijack a car, break into an occupied residence, or terrorize somebody on the street without considerable risk to his personal safety.
   The punk therefore does not shut down so much as a small town, let alone a major metropolis, in a well-armed society.  The fact that one shut down Boston is incontrovertible proof of the degeneracy of the values and culture of the enemies of the Second Amendment.


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