Sunday, June 10, 2012

Conservative on Target! 6/10/12

Our Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor: Modern culture is more desperate than ever for a return to solid character with uniform, universal virtues. Our nation is starved for male and female models of virtue. Recall the Michael Jordan commercial with the tagline “Be like Mike.” Right idea, wrong model. Sure, Michael Jordan inspired many to desire excellence, fame, and financial success. But he inspired few to behave with virtue (one could argue that he inspired the opposite).

Crony Capitalism and President Obama: How the System Really Works: We understand that “crony capitalism” involves helping those who have helped you; “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” But the simple term crony capitalism belies the evil, corrupt nature associated with the actual process. Crony capitalism goes way beyond helping your friends, your cronies. It is a twisted, orchestrated plan that rewards the cronies and costs the taxpayer, while punishing the average citizen.
   It may take years of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to uncover the depth of President Obama’s crony capitalism, but we can get a glimpse of how it is done and what it costs us through a new book, Governor Richardson and Crony Capitalism, which meticulously chronicles the crony capitalism of one of Obama’s cronies: former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson—President Obama’s original pick for the Secretary of Commerce post.
Nannies with badges and guns: Typically for a modern “liberal,” Noah gives no reason to oppose bedroom regulations while promoting dining room regulations. Indeed, one could easily argue that people mess up their lives worse by whom they choose to have sex with than by what they choose to eat. Letting government shove “the nation’s collective values” onto unwilling individuals (who obviously don’t share in the “collective’s values,” indicating that the notion is borderline meaningless) in one domain opens it up for others. That’s how you lose liberty, folks. You ignore limits on government so that your favored “collective” value can be yoked upon your neighbor, and then your neighbor does the same to you.
Is Gay Parenting Bad for the Kids? Regnerus’s study is a success insofar as it answers the fundamental question of whether children raised by same-sex couples end up differently: Clearly they do, and it does not require a conservative viewpoint to see that “differently” very often means “worse.” It is debatable, though, whether this is an indictment of same-sex households or of instability. Indeed, the major takeaway from the report is less an indictment that same-sex households are a negative thing and more an affirmation that intact, biological households are a positive thing. Put simply, if you want to give your children the best start in life, you should have children inside of wedlock and stay together for the duration. But then, we already knew that.
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