Thursday, May 2, 2013

One for the Citizens

By J.R. Dunn at

Before we get too far away from the Marathon bombing, it needs to be acknowledged that this was yet another incident in which the average American proved crucial.

It wasn't overweight and aging police Tac squads, lumbering around in their armor through a shut-down city, clumped together as perfect targets for an IED, crowded four to a doorway as they spoke to residents, with no sign of lookouts or adequate cover. The Boston PD was lucky they were not up against trained terrorists. A couple of Quds or Hezb'allah operatives and the casualty list would have been much higher. The department's methods need to be thoroughly overhauled.

It wasn't the FBI, who succeeded in overlooking, for years on end, the fact that not only were the boys terror suspects, but also Mom, their uncles, aunts, and cousins, Genghis the dog and Kublai the cat, and half the people in their home village, including the guy that cleans the mosque. This marks something of a royal flush or bases-loaded home run in incompetent intelligence, something that required actual skill and will be difficult to surpass. We can top this off with the sudden Mirandizing of Dzhokhar just as FBI questioning was starting to get answers. Reports suggest that an FBI agent raced out to get a sympathetic judge to handle it. Anybody want to bet that the agent in question had "Mohammed" in his name? One thing for sure: there will be no worthwhile investigation or punishment involving any of this.

As for Homeland Defense, there is no sign that they were involved at any level whatsoever. All that we know is that Aunt Janet is too busy to answer any questions. So we'll just tiptoe away and not bother her.

No -- it was a handful of ordinary Joes who held the fort in this one...

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