Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Still Running - Conservative Cartoon

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From hopenchangecartoons:

Hope n' Change grieves for the tragic loss of lives and horrendous injuries inflicted in the name of terror at the Boston Marathon. We hope that the responsible party or parties are found soon, and that justice will be enacted in full (hint: it shouldn't involve prison time).

As of this writing, nobody seems to know quite what the hell is going on. Was the bomber a Saudi national here on a student visa, was it the "man in black" seen on a rooftop, a backpack-carrying man in a hooded sweatshirt, or none of the above? Confusion remains about whether or not unexploded bombs were found, and why bomb units were apparently on scene "conducting a drill" before the detonations.

Barack Obama has said that we must not jump to conclusions, which (based on past experience) suggests that he's had inside word that Al Qaeda or radical Islam is probably to blame. Then again, David Axelrod has said that the president was reluctant to use the word "terror" in speaking about the bombing because it would bring associations of 9/11 (ie, Al Qaeda) when the president himself thought that this might actually be some sort of tax day protest. You know, from the bloodthirsty Tea Party.

Plenty of other vultures are jumping on that bandwagon- Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews, and Michael Moore among others - speculating that this horror looks like the work of Right Wing Extremists or evil conservatives. Barney Frank has come out (so to speak) to say that this proves we need bigger government and higher taxes - so our response teams can always be ready to come to the aid of those blown to bits.

Frankly, Hope n' Change would like to suggest that all of those individuals named in the previous paragraph be caned in public and then shipped to Antarctica for a year of isolation to better help them understand when to STFU during a time of national crisis and sadness.