Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Amnesty Gambles, Natural Law, Our Shame & More

Immigration Gambles:
   Britain's late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said it all when she wrote that the world has "never ceased to be dangerous," but the West has "ceased to be vigilant."
   Nothing better illustrates her point than the fact that the West has imported vast numbers of people who hate our guts and would love to slit our throats. Political correctness has replaced self-preservation. The Boston Marathon killer who set a bomb down right next to an eight-year-old child is only the latest in an on-going series of such people.
   Senator Patrick Leahy has warned us not to use the Boston Marathon terrorists as an argument against the immigration legislation he advocates. But if we are not to base our laws on facts about realities, what are we to base them on? Fashionable theories and pious rhetoric?

How To Slice Bread: Unfortunately, because progressivism is fundamentally contrary to nature, despite the predilection of certain peoples for this mode of existence, it will fail in the long run or at best produce very limited benefits. It is a seriously flawed tool which no expertise in its use can overcome. On the one hand, American exceptionalism has been so successful (and exceptional) because it was founded on the principles of human nature by men and women who were in turn fully in sympathy with those natural principles, and thus most suited to apply those principles successfully.

130737 600 Bombers Motivation cartoonsBoston's -- and Our -- Shame:
   ...So congratulations, Boston. In a state with some of the “toughest” gun laws in the country  – and by “toughest” I mean unconstitutionally restrictive — a legislature completely controlled by Democrats and a congressional delegation that includes a grand total of zero Republicans, it was somehow not surprising that the Chechens chose one of the few places in the United States where a) the people could not and would not fight back and b) the media would find them sympathetic…
   I’ve long said that the relationship between the American Left and Islam is that of masochist and sadist; the perfect Suicide Cult meets the Death Cult of its dreams. No wonder they got along so well together, right up to the moment when they didn’t. But from “gun control” to immigration “reform,” just about every “solution” offered by the Bipartisan Permanent Fusion Government will only make future Bostons more, not less, likely.


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