Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Give me your tired, your poor - if they want to stay! (Conservative Editorial Cartoon)

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From Susan Stamper Brown at

It is reasonably simple to find your way here in America: Follow the rules. Integrate. Drop labels. Assimilate. Be productive. Repeat. Before long, you begin to experience the freedom that comes with being an American.

It’s really that easy. After all, this is America; that “Shining City on a Hill” — a nation of immigrants, magnificently colored by a diversity of persons and cultures amalgamated into “one nation under God.” That’s who we are and how we roll. The beauty of it is…those who are uncomfortable with that… are free to leave. No harm, no foul. Something the Tsarnaev brothers should have done long ago. Lives would be saved, limbs would be intact, a little 8 year-old boy would still be smiling, and I’d have no need to write this column.

While we search for answers, it is human nature to cast blame. But it is unacceptable to blame the American way of life as some liberals are doing.  Killing or maiming innocent people is not how we resolve personal conflict.

With that said, I also believe left-wing knuckleheads in the media, schools, and universities need to accept their share of responsibility. Relentless anti-American diatribes will eventually work their way into the hearts and minds of those already struggling to assimilate...

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