Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why I'm Economically Scared!

 By John Sykes

Sure. I'm scared that we are headed in to the political abyss of statism, maybe tyranny.  Morally, we seem to no longer ask what's right but what's legal. Religiously, we are getting very, very far from our one God and worshipping many little gods (idols).

But, in the shortest term, I am economically terrified. Our government has been devaluing our dollar for quite some time. The Fed keeps stimulating us in to what I believe will make other inflationary periods, particularly in this country, minor bumps. When the coming runaway inflation ends, most of us will be left with very little in the way of valuable assets.

Peter Schiff in The Stimulus Trap:
What would happen to the Treasury market if the Federal Reserve, by far the biggest buyer and largest holder of Treasury bonds, became a net seller? Who will be there to keep the sell off from becoming an interest rate spiking rout? It may sound absurd to those of us who remember the economy before the crash, but our new economy can't tolerate "sky high" rates of four or five percent. What would happen to the housing market and the stock market if interest rates were to return to those traditional levels? The red ink would flow in rivers. With yields rising and asset prices falling, how long would it take before the Fed reverses course and serves up another round of stimulus? Not long at all.   
That means any talk of an exit strategy is just that, talk.  Not only can the Fed not exit, but it will have to delve further into the stimulus abyss.  While doing so, the Fed will continuously insist that the exit lies just behind an ever moving horizon. It will repeat this mantra until a currency crisis finally forces a painful exit.
  Unfortunately, the longer the Fed waits to exit, the more painful the exit will be. But trading long-term pain for short-term gain is the Fed's specialty. In the meantime, Wall Street watches in uncomprehending stupor as the economy settles deeper and deeper into the stimulus trap. 
Can we stop this? I don't think so! I'm praying I'll be proved wrong.

In the meantime, what little I have will be in "hard" assets - like land, housing, metals & other commodities, along with food and protection.

And maybe I'll jump into this: The Tax Revolt Is Over, Here Comes the Money Revolt

More importantly, knowing how mercurial our assets and politics can be, I'll more than get buy with faith in our Lord!

May He bless you too ...

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