Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Silver Lining in the Gay Marriage Fight

By Erick Erickson at

There are many, many people denying that gay marriage and religious freedom are incompatible. Many of those who deny it are, in fact, hostile to religious freedom to begin with or, when the fight becomes more clear, will be against the church.

That is a silver lining in the gay marriage fight. Many pastors in America who long ago decided they didn’t want the state telling them what to do, so they didn’t want the church telling anyone else what to do now realize just what fools they’ve been. The left will use the state to tell churches what to do or force churches to give up their primary purpose of going and teaching in Jesus’s name.

If gay marriage advocates are successful, churches will not be able to open their doors to the unchurched unless they include everyone...

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