Tuesday, March 19, 2013

REPUBLICRATISM - The Death Of The Loyal Opposition

By Larry Miller at politicalchristian.org

As we watch the news… on any of the channels… we are witnessing the death of the two party system. Hardcore libertarians have been proclaiming this for years, but their standard is that anyone who doesn’t swallow their entire program – the good and the questionable – hook, line and sinker is an enemy of the people.

This time, we have the leadership of the Republican Party rolling over and playing dead in the face of the most destructive, divisive and dishonest administration in the history of our great land. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has surrendered in the fight to stop ObamaKare from destroying our health care system. House Speaker, John Boehner, declared on national television that he “absolutely” trusts Obama. His right hand puppet, Eric Cantor, is standing by his side, spreading word of the futility of fighting the President.

One has to wonder what happened to people we had hoped would stand with us in our quest to retain our freedom. Were they just lying to us as they posed as our protectors? Were they sincere, but found they had no stomach for the fight? Were they victims of the “Chicago way”… threatening harm to our representatives or their families if they continued their resistance.

It’s hard to tell, since we are dealing with flawed human beings… imperfect, and often well meaning. Yet, they have talked a good game in the past, only to fold time and time again when the going got tough. The Bible tells us not to put our faith in man… and in Washington, we have ample evidence of the wisdom of this advice.

Whatever the reason, we have just witnessed the collapse of what many had hoped would be the “loyal opposition”. In spite of some dedicated freedom fighters in congress, we are witnessing the melding of this opposition into just another branch of the other party. We may wish to call them leaders of the Vichy Republican Party. They are holding power that could be used to undo the abomination we call ObamaKare. They could be holding they key to resolving our fiscal debacle… yet they have chosen another path.

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