Sunday, October 14, 2012

Don’t Miss > Stand Up, Christian Patriot, The Battle is Now at Hand

Ever consider what a Christian's responsibility should be in regard to politics? Consider the prophets of old - men who loved God first, and yet loved their country so much that they would lay their lives down before kings and religious leaders to plead and warn the nation of impending doom unless they changed their course. God's purpose hasn't changed for His people. We are still to sound the alarm. We still have the responsibility to do what's right. Yet, all the time, our hope still lies with God alone and the knowledge that He will carry out His perfect will in His perfect time.

As a line in the song says:

"Let's not excuse our apathy and try to call it faith

But remember faith is only shown in the actions that we take"

Just because we know the end has been prophesied, doesn't give us the luxury of sitting back and doing nothing. It's time to Stand Up, Christian Patriot!