Saturday, October 13, 2012

Music To Our Ears – Conservative Cartoon

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From hopenchangecartoons

Readers, what I'd MOST like to be presenting today is a cartoon about last night's debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. Unfortunately, in order to get the cartoon and commentary plugged into the towering Hope n' Change virtual printing presses by deadline, I'm writing this hours before the beatdown - er, I mean debate - has taken place.

But that's okay too, because there's a pretty hot topic unrelated to the debate that I really wanted to talk about. And that's the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is a despicable liar.

He's lying through his teeth about the terrorist attack on Benghazi - as are Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Jay Carney and others. The more evidence which comes in, the clearer it is that Obama threw our dead under a bus - specifically his campaign bus - to cover up for the disastrous policy decisions that left our Ambassador defenseless in a dangerous part of the world on 9/11...a day which Barack Obama didn't consider "sensitive" enough that anyincreased security was called for.

Obama was blatantly lying during the debate about Romney wanting to cut taxes by $5 trillionfor the wealthy. And if you follow that link, you'll find out that Obama was lying (not misstating, not misunderstanding, not spinning, but LYING) about almost everything else he said about Romney that night.

Speaking of lying, why would Barack Obama invoke executive privilege to hide internal information about the "Fast & Furious" bloodbaths in Mexico while simultaneously claiming that there's nothing to hide?!

And Barry's tendency to lie is nothing new. Recently, a video from 2007 turned up in which "Ghetto-speak Barry" is railing to a black audience that the racist government wouldn't give New Orleans the same support as other disaster-stricken cities because it was largely black. Specifically, he said Congress wouldn't waive the "Stafford Act," which would require New Orleans to come up with seed money to get other benefits.

But he was lying - big time. Two weeks before Barry made his race-baiting speech, Congresshad waived the Stafford Act and in fact, allocated more money to New Orleans than any other stricken city. And Barry - who was an Illinois Senator at the time - was one of the very few in the Senate to vote against giving New Orleans the money.  In other words, he was lying to his black audience for the same reason he tried to deny them aid: because his own political future was best served by angry black audiences - even if their anger was unknowingly provoked by this dreadful, truthless little political worm.

I think it's safe to assume that Barack Hussein Obama is much like an iceberg: and that as horrendous as all of his combined lies are, they probably represent only 10% of the anti-American lies he's telling in places we can't hear (except when a microphone is accidentally left on).

Barack Obama is a filthy, reprehensible liar whose presence in the Whitehouse is a stain. He is a moral cancer, aggressively metastasizing. He is a blight, a curse, and quite possibly a Biblical plague.

We have GOT to vote him out of office - AND vote in conservatives for all the "down ballot" positions in order to empower Romney and Ryan to start cleaning up Washington.

Because Obama's lying ways are going to leave piles of BS which will make the clean-up of the Stygian Stables look like nothing...