Friday, September 21, 2012

Conservative on Target! 9/21/12

   'This nation is proudly gun-free':Progressives who think private gun ownership is unnecessary have no idea how much their safety is subsidized by their gun-owning neighbors. It’s always a risk when a bad guy decides to try a home invasion. In most cases, it’s not a home security system that stops a robbery; it’s the possibility that he could be met by a blaze of buckshot. It’s that element of uncertainty – does this homeowner have a gun or not? – that keeps you safe in your bed at night.
   Consider the following scenario. A criminal is walking along looking for a place to rob, when the road splits. A sign pointing to the left says, “This way to Liberalville, a gun-free town.” A sign pointing to the right says, “This way to Patriotville, where every household has a gun.” Which road do you think the criminal will take?
   Or this: Let’s say you were to put up a large and prominent placard on your living room window, announcing “This home is proudly gun-free.” Gee whiz, who do you think a robber is likely to target, you or the fellow next door with NRA bumper stickers? C’mon, be truthful.

For the record, AARP is basically an insurance company. They stand to make tens of millions of dollars from future cuts to Medicare. Thus they will institutionally support Obamacare not despite the damage it does to seniors but because of it. They are parasites of the worst sort, and I encourage you to share this story with any Obama-leaning or undecided AARP members you know.

Today, the Washington Post says that Mitt Romney “had the worst week in Washington.” Why, pray tell, did Romney have a worse week than President Obama, whose Department of Justice was implicated in the Fast and Furious scandal and coverup, and was linked to far-left Media Matters in targeting conservative commentators; whose Secretary of Health and Human Services was ensnared in a Hatch Act violation; whose Secretary of State was embroiled in controversy about a cover-up over the murder of our ambassador to Libya; who was himself enmeshed in controversy about snubbing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to tweet pictures with pirates and hang with David Letterman; who spent the week bashing a YouTube filmmaker and cutting ads apologizing for the First Amendment to Pakistani Islamists; whose economic news was borderline disastrous? [I can’t bold anything here because it’s all clear and pertinent!]

Obama from a ‘pampered and cosseted elite of no achievement’: “He [Obama] has this kind of invincible ignorance, so that when something happens, he goes off and he flies in to Cairo and gives his usual speech, and he thinks OK, that’s it, that’s the Muslim world taken care of, next,” Steyn continued. “And then when it all explodes and blows up in his face, he’s not even interested enough to try and find out what’s going on here. And I think it’s that perfect pampered, cosseted, invincible ignorance. And if you’ve ever been on an American college campus and just tried to plant a new thought in this sort of indestructible faculty-lounge group think, you’ll be very familiar with the way Obama approaches these things.”

   Should We Fear Big Government?    We should state that there is a legitimate purpose for government. Anarchy is not God's plan. As I Peter 2:14 says, we should submit ourselves "to governors, as to those who are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers and for the praise of those who do good."
   However, when our "governors" lose sight of this fundamental purpose for government, then it's time for Americans to recognize that big government is not the answer to the problems that beset us; it's part of the cause.

The world's dumbest lobby -- All things are political, even golf, reports TheDC's Alex Pappas: "A coalition of golf lovers are asking Republicans to stop making so many jokes about President Barack Obama’s love for the golf course, saying such comments are bad for the golf industry. But could politics be at play too? The Daily Caller has learned that Tony Podesta, a well-known Democratic lobbyist with strong ties to the Obama White House, is behind the We Are Golf coalition of golfing organizations that has sent letters to Republicans such as Florida Sen. Marco Rubio asking them to cut out the criticism of Obama’s golfing habits." This raises an important question: Why does "golf" have a lobby?

"The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing."
-- William Paterson (1658-1719) Founder of the Bank of England in 1694


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