Friday, September 21, 2012

Crass and Curious – Conservative Cartoon

Eric Holder happily proclaims that Fast & Furious report proves he has no idea what's going on at Department of Justice
From hopenchangecartoons:

In a shockingly candid report from the Department of Justice, we've now learned that the "Fast & Furious" operation wasn't about guns at all. It was about swords - and who would fall on them.

The report names 14 DOJ employees who get varying degrees of blame for giving firearms to drug-dealing murderous maniacs, but makes it very clear that Eric "New Black Panther" Holder had no idea what was going on despite, oddly, being briefed on the operation on more than one occasion.

Having successfully used the non compos mentis defense for Holder, the report places primary responsibility on Jason Weinstein, the deputy assistant attorney general for the Criminal Division, who disputes the findings but is resigning rather than die in a drone attack.

Also faulted was former ATF acting director Kenneth Melson, who retired after the report came out. Because when you make decisions which end up killing hundreds of people including American border agent Brian Terry, the only appropriate punishment is to go fishing and enjoy a cushy retirement package.

But can the many deaths associated with "Fast & Furious" really be attributed to governmental bungling and lack of supervision from Eric Holder and Barack Obama? Of course not!

The fault clearly lies with the dangerously inconsiderate filmmakers behind the "Harold and Kumar" movies, which inflamed sensitive Mexican drug making fun of their profit.


This ran on Facebook after Obama's appearance on "Letterman." Liberals hated it. Hated it.