Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Robbing Hood – Conservative Cartoon

From hopenchangecartoons

Barack Obama, whom we've never seen in green tights (although photos from his college days no doubt exist), is now pushing yet another new campaign theme: Mitt Romney is "Robin Hood in reverse," making the president the real Robin Hood.

No, really.

In fact, Obama is now referring to his opponent as "Romney Hood" - claiming that if the "evil rich" (also known as "small business owners") continue paying the same tax rate they've been paying for years, it amounts to stealing from the poor and giving money to those filthy bastards who are struggling to meet payrolls and already paying the vast majority of the taxes which fund the building of our roads, bridges, and other infrastructure - and provide direct benefits to 47% of their fellow citizens.

But for Barack Obama, the robbing hood from Chicago, that's not enough! Nope, he'll steal from those evil rich folks and give to the poor! In fact, he'll do even better than that - he'll create more poverty and make sure people stay in it!

But while we don't question Mr. Soetoro's proclivity for theft - or love of secret identities - is he really only stealing from the rich?

That certainly wouldn't be the opinion of the 20,000 retirees who had their pensions stolen by one of Obama's merry men. Specifically, Tim Geithner involved himself in the GM bailout and had the pensions cut off for 20,000 retirees who didn't belong to the UAW, while making sure that the union members received every penny of benefits.

Which sounds a lot like stealing from the poor to give to a rich politically-connected union, doesn't it? But of course, the UAW is hardly the only group of fat cats enjoying plunder stolen from the little people. A list of the recipients of stimulus spending would bear a stunning similarity to a list of Obama's campaign contributors, donors, unions, and vote-swinging political machines.

Which is why there wasn't actually much "job stimulus" money left to create jobs.

You know, the sort of jobs the poor they won't be poor anymore.