Thursday, August 9, 2012

American progressives reserve their ugliest bigotry for Christians!

From Jerry Shenk at

American progressives hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • All cultures and religions are equally meritorious (except for Christianity)
  • There is no objective truth (until and unless progressives declare the truth)
  • You cannot legislate morality (Therefore, everything is "moral" -- except Christian morality)
  • Progressives celebrate diversity and are tolerant, inclusive, and accepting of all fellow humans (except conservative, white and Christian people)
  • Progressives are intelligent, thoughtful, reality-based, and benevolent

Objective?  Diverse?  Inclusive?  Thoughtful?  Reality-based?  Benevolent?  Not really.  Progressives -- liberals -- are the worst offenders of their own axioms when they talk about the "evils" of those who dispute liberal versions of facts, policy, or, especially, morality.  The bigotry liberals direct toward those with whom they merely disagree is staggering…

But the American left reserves its ugliest bigotry for Christians.  When liberals speak or write about practicing Christians, especially evangelical Christians and, in this presidential election year, Mormons, no slander is unacceptable and no religious custom is off-limits.  America's most prominent liberal has condescendingly denigrated Christians as "bitter clingers" to guns and religion.  Liberals have (seriously) asked: "Do All Evangelical Leaders Believe Gays Should Be Put to Death?"  They worry about reports that evangelicals are voting in record numbers.  And they invent scenarios which question whether religious convictions resonate in the political arena.  Every Christian, of any age or gender, is fair game for liberal animosity -- or left-wing redefinitionLiberals bash Christians with impunity, because Christians are...well...Christian, and behave in a Christian manner from which liberals fear no reprisal.  Ironic, huh?  And opportunistic, too.

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