Friday, June 8, 2012

Liberalism Is Terminally Ill - Liberals went to WI for a recall vote and a revolution broke out.

By John Sykes

I too think a revolution broke out, a revolution of the silent majority, a term we don’t hear much anymore. They don’t talk to pollsters, they quietly go about their lives, working and going to church, and leaving the politics to the chatterers, all with pride in their country. Then they can’t take it any longer. And Wisconsin occurs …  And it’s only just beginning …

From Matt Barber at

… On the one hand, we have secular-socialism, a cultural and political philosophy embraced by labor unions, Barack Obama, the base of the Democratic Party, the mainstream media and many of those controlling the reigns of our elitist institutions. It is “progressivism.”

This is a philosophy that, throughout history, has proven to be a serial failure. One need only look to Europe for the latest example. This secularist worldview is based loosely on the unattainable, redistributionist ramblings of Karl Marx, the father of communism.

It hates Christianity. It hates constitutionalism. It hates the precepts of individual liberty and responsibility codified throughout our nation’s founding documents. It embraces moral relativism and says there are no clear lines of demarcation between right and wrong.

It says that government is God and that as government giveth, government taketh away.

In sum: It’s garbage.

On the other hand we have the Judeo-Christian worldview. This is the socio-political philosophy embraced by our Founding Fathers. The historical record is unequivocal. It was within this framework that our U.S. Constitution was created. It is conservatism.

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