Monday, June 25, 2012

Killing your unborn because you don’t like God’s design? Genome Horrors …

By John Sykes

Mapping the unborn’s genome may prove to be the most significant eugenics tool in history! Picking and discarding an unborn because you don’t like something about him, a progressive dream, is an unfathomable nightmare. More than 40 million abortions are performed worldwide each year now. Can you even fathom the number when pro-choicers start aborting if they don’t like their baby's design?

From Eric Metaxas in Lethal Foresight: Deciding Who Gets to Be Born

On first hearing, it sounds like something out of science fiction: mapping the genome of a person who has not been born yet. But that’s exactly what geneticists at the University of Washington announced that they were able to do…

For all the talk about “better and better prenatal diagnosis,” experience teaches us to be skeptical about where this genetic foresight will lead.

For starters, there’s what happens to unborn children who are diagnosed in utero with genetic illnesses: relatively few of them are ever born. Prenatal diagnosis already functions as a kind of “weeding out” process: Adding “thousands of genetic diseases” to the list, as this new technology will make possible, simply means more dead children.

And, for the foreseeable future, this technology cannot heal anyone — it can only give prospective parents reasons to kill their unborn child. A child made in the image of God.

Anybody who thinks that parents won’t be tempted to turn to their local geneticist for the perfect baby has not been paying attention. We already live in a culture where some parents demand that doctors prescribe a Schedule II amphetamine, Adderall, just to help their kids compete against their peers. And a culture that can’t bring itself to meaningfully condemn sex-selection abortions, at home or abroad, will not stand in the way of parents who want to play God.

All of which makes this “glance into the future” the stuff of science fiction nightmares.