Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wake Up, Religious Conservatives: A Summons to Outrage

By Fay Voshell at

Conservative timidity amounts to an acceptance of the premise that "fair and balanced" discussion includes giving the legitimacy of debate to moral outrages that should be repudiated outright.  Why accede to a "fair and balanced" debate about partial-birth abortion or sex-select abortion?  Tell the supporters of such barbarities that they are moral monsters.  Why politely discuss the right to infanticide or the sexual exploitation and/or enslavement of children?  Call the persons what they are: murderers and perverts.  Why talk over the right or wrong of sucking out the brains of unborn babies during so-called "partial birth" abortions?  Tell the doctors performing such "operations" and their supporters that they are the equivalent of Joseph Mengele.

Moral monstrosities are not matters deserving polite talk, but evidence of societal pathologies and deformation of moral character so horrific that they deserve to be scorned, repudiated, and outlawed outright.  Why encourage so-called "civil" debate on such issues and thus give some credence to pure evil?…

Even more pertinently, conservative Christians should take a page of instruction from the person of Christ, who repudiated sin while offering repentance and salvation to the sinner; who excoriated moral degeneracy; and who verbally fire-bombed the religious leaders of his day, describing them as whitewashed tombs, lying hypocrites, and self-serving theological charlatans. 

In brief, there are enormous evils within American society which demand righteous indignation and outrage -- not passivity, "love," and "understanding."

Now is the time for conservative churches to heed the wakeup calls and join the Catholic Church in protests before it is too late to do so. 

But it will require both leaders and laity to awake from their lethargy, refuse to be intimidated, shrug off ridicule, and above all, refuse to participate in their own funerals.

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