Wednesday, May 9, 2012

UNBELIEVABLE! Both CJCS Dempsey & DS Panetta favor United Nations oversight of world oceans


[Can you imagine this? Two major Obama administration officials are supporting an Agenda 21 effort to give our undeniable hegemony of the seas to the UN. How far have we sunk! – JS]


After regaling a group of environmentalists last week on military initiatives to pursue biofuels and prepare for climate change, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta advanced another tenet of a far-left military agenda Wednesday when he appeared at a forum to push for ratification of the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty.

The treaty would create an international regime of law to dictate actions and activities on and in the oceans. In addition to creating new environmental regulations, it would tax U.S. mining of the ocean floor, and could compromise the nation’s maritime security.
In 2007, Heritage Foundation president Ed Feulner described the proposal thus in a Washington Times editorial:

“This authority would basically be an aquatic United Nations of the sea (indeed, Law of the Sea Treaty is a U.N. convention). Except, instead of issuing toothless condemnations of the United States, this authority would have the actual power to thwart American interests,” he wrote. “For example, the treaty would empower environmental activists to bring action against the U.S. for violating the Kyoto Protocol, though the Senate never ratified that accord and senators sensibly made it clear they wouldn’t agree to Kyoto if it would harm American economic interests.”

The treaty has been lingering as an unapproved proposal for years, soundly rejected by President Ronald Reagan in 1982 as a threat to American sovereignty, but entertained by the George W. Bush administration.

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