Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Social Conservatives & Christians, Get Ready to Rumble


It’s Time, Folks. Let’s get ready to rumble. Read this. Bone up on Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals below. Peruse the list of posts below to be biblically assured that Christians should exert significant influence on our government and culture!

From christianpost.com

Oh, the irony of it all. For the past two years, the Republican establishment has been insisting that the only effective way to beat President Obama in 2012 is to set contentious social issues aside and focus like a laser on the economy. Who woulda thought that it would be the President himself who would catapult these issues to the fore just as campaign season enters full swing?

Forced out of the closet by the unscripted remarks of Washington's original gaffemeister, Vice President Joe Biden, Mr. Obama has pledged his support for same-sex marriage. Naturally, the President is being hailed for his bold stand by the liberal media, although everyone knows that he only went public because Biden's comments on the subject left him no alternative. Given his druthers, Obama would have maintained his coyness and not made his sentiments public until such time as he felt he could maximize the political benefits of doing so (i.e., right after the November election).

For better or worse however, the cat is out of the bag and Mr. O is out of the closet, and the strategists behind the Republican electoral machine are wringing their hands now that the spotlight is focused elsewhere than on the economy. If you are one of the few remaining conservatives who believes that the Republican Party represents traditional cultural values in addition to free market principles, you'll be disappointed to know that the current Republican leadership has little interest in advocating for traditional marriage on the public stage. This is why they were cringing in the corner when would-be presidential aspirants like Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann were stressing the importance of families headed by a mom and a dad….

So social conservatives had better get ready to rumble. The stakes couldn't be higher, nor the impact of the outcome of the election greater. It's about more than the economy Messrs. Romney and Obama, and no, the American people are not stupid.

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