Friday, April 6, 2012

Protest Christianophobic Gay Pride Event


As Minneapolis prepares for its offensive Pride Festival, Christians continue to loose their First Amendment rights as a consequence.

Brian Johnson has peacefully handed out Bibles at the Twin Cities Pride Event for over a decade. The event actively celebrates a lifestyle that is an offense to God. In order to avoid any conviction of sin, homosexuals are pushing Brian out of the event.

Organizers from the parade asked the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to make a “free speech zone” far away from the festival for people like Brian. The Board agreed, and now all opposition to the sin-fest are exiled.

Christians throughout the US are being pushed further and further out of the public square. But Christian shouldn’t be confined to “first amendment” areas. This is a major public event with a non-exclusive permit. All protected speech should be permitted, especially one that espouses a viewpoint held by the majority of Americans.


Contact the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and demand that they allow stop infringing on Brian Johnson’s first amendment rights and make the whole event a “free speech zone.”

- Call: 612-230-6400
- Email:

[Here’s the email I sent. JS]

To the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board:

Shame on you as you banish peaceful Brian Johnston to a "free speech zone" during your christianophobic Gay Pride Event. 

I can only hope that someone will organize a Christian Pride Event, attract very large crowds from the majority of this country that support Christianity, and love any gay who would have the courage to show up. Exclusive "free speech zones" would not and should not be necessary.