Friday, April 6, 2012

Rise Again > Sunday’s Coming!

By John Sykes

This video is powerful – and violent in places. As always, the message is powerful and redemptive.


It’s Good Friday and Easter is on the way. For those intent on just making a buck off the holiday or laughing at the silly Christians, we have a message. Easter is about more than bunnies. Many celebrate Christmas, and often forget that the time of year we call Easter is really the point of Christmas, and of the whole flow of history.

It is an entire weekend event. From the brutal execution to the triumphant resurrection we see the entire process of God’s love for his crowing creation, mankind, and the lengths he went to for us all. The cruelty in the video is something we need to see – remember. To say only that Christ died for your sins does not nearly convey the horror of the events that day, and most of us don’t have the appreciation we should have.

Just remember, what was unnecessary for Him was totally necessary for us.