Friday, January 6, 2012

Will I have to hold my nose as I vote in 2012?

By John Sykes

Here are my priorities for the rest of this political season:

  • Continue to work to nominate the most politically and socially conservative candidate for any office …
  • Then listen to William Buckley and vote for the most electable Conservative nominee …
  • Barring the above, hold my nose and vote for the most electable Republican nominee …

As we get closer to an actual election, I’ve also decided that I need to renew my often stated vow to start at the bottom because we aren’t going to change this from the top. The lure of working as close to the top as we can is awfully strong. It’s not too late to concentrate at the local level.

photo (9)Unfortunately, without some unforeseen deliverance, it looks like I’ll be holding my nose and voting for the most electable Republican nominee in 2012.

All this will do is slow down our steady slide to the left. Politicians understand that sitting on their hands and letting freedom and free markets run their course is less likely to serve their own needs.

Actually, most of all, I’m going to be doing a whole lot more praying!