Friday, January 13, 2012

Bain of Our Existence – A Conservative Cartoon

from hopenchangecartoons:
   Occupy Wall Street claimed a stunning victory this week when it was revealed that they have successfully established tent cities in the vacant spaces inside a number of Republican's heads.
   Specifically, while Barack Obama is nonchalantly asking to borrow yet another $1.2 trillion, quite a few alleged conservatives are ignoring the issue entirely while attacking Mitt Romney for heartlessly making money and creating jobs (but not saving every worker's job) when he was affiliated with Bain Capital.
   In a nutshell, Bain Capital looked for companies which were struggling and bought them at bargain rates. They would then try to determine what was dragging a company down and eliminate those factors in order to make the company profitable (thereby saving and creating jobs). Sometimes, a company couldn't be saved and went out of business, or workforces needed to be downsized - meaning that people lost jobs. That's capitalism...and it is heartless or it couldn't create the prosperity that eventually does create jobs. More …