Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What puts fear into the enemy - the modern day US warrior!

From MajPain

imageWhat puts fear into the enemy is the mention of the intervention of US forces. Just the thought of large US Navy war ships sitting off of your coast packed with the best technology and training fighters and pilots accompanied by a few thousand Marines, puts fear into the enemy. On top of that what other major country has been fighting its ass off for the past 10 years? Dedicated, trained devoted volunteers backed with recent combat experience, means trouble for you if are our enemy.

General Mattis popularized the slogan:

"no better friend, no worse enemy"

The General nailed this one. If you have been in the military, know someone, have been in the military yourself amuse for a minute as this is for the billions out there that don’t “Get” what our warriors out there are doing for this country.

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