Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chompin’ Hastings, Dems & Politifact >> Wavin’ TeaPartyFtL & Politifact – Gator Politics

imageAfter at least three separate flings, Alcee Hastings' Scandals Collide in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit again! Is this what keeps getting him elected?

imageLiberals’ accusations of Tea Party cronyism with GOP debunked by Tea Party Fort Lauderdale as Tea Parties Challenge Republican Lawmakers to Pass E-Verify!

Knowing that they didn’t have a chance of winning and maybe even showing some Democrat division, Dems can't agree on teacher tenure bill!

In Fact-checking Gov. Scott's first State of the State message, Politifact, much to it’s liberal heart’s surprise, couldn’t rate any of the 6 promises false!