Thursday, March 10, 2011

What leftist, collectivist, statist organization is now dictating our Libyan strategies?

By John Sykes

No, it’s not the Obama administration. It’s not the Democratic party.

It’s the United Nations!

Through a series of miscues and diplomatic blundering, Hillary Clinton has hamstrung America's Libyan strategies, subjecting us to UN domination which forbids providing weapons to the opposition.
In Hilary Embargoes Obama:

"It would be illegal for the United States to do that," Mr. Crowley said, citing U.N. Security Council Resolution 1970, which sanctions the Gadhafi regime and only passed with U.S. support on February 26. "It's quite simple. In [the resolution] there is an arms embargo that affects Libya, which means it's a violation for any country to provide arms to anyone in Libya."

But, come on. All such resolutions have loopholes or are open to interpretation. Not!

…so it's also revealing that Mrs. Clinton's spokesman chose to accept an especially broad reading of the Libyan embargo. …

By Mr. Crowley's reading, the resolution covers any military support whatsoever by America or anyone else to the forces of the provisional opposition council set up in the eastern coastal city of Benghazi. In other words, America's hands are tied by the U.N.

There may be other loopholes but the passage of time will soon make them meaningless. In the end, America is rudderless, with a dithering and weak President at the helm relying on an incompetent diplomatic navigator. While he fiddles and she faddles, people are dying and a despot may be regaining lost territory.

What really bothers me is that maybe this is the way Obama wants it, that all along he has intended to once and for all bury American exceptionalism and kowtow to the world’s lesser powers.

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